Biblically Correct

"Biblically Correct" used to be a Christian Talk Show that was hosted by Pester Brat, but evolved so to speak, to "The Pester Brat Report." You can listen to old radio shows and audio versions of the television shows, and view compressed videos of "Biblically Correct." Thank you.

 Welcome to the  website of Biblically Correct Ministries (BCM). BCM is the Parent Ministry to Biblical Unity Ministries (BUM) and the Fellowship of Concerned Christian Constitutional Patriots (FCCCP). Pester Brat Dot Com and The Pester Brat Report is the media arm for the FCCCP. Levi-athan and Sheep Finders are also ministries of Biblically Correct Ministries.  Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, complaints, and compliments. Thank you, and may God bless you according to His good pleasure and will.