Biblically Correct

Biblically Correct Ministries is Pester Brat's parent ministry. The old Christian Talk Show called Biblically Correct has been on television, radio or internet since 2006 in SW Idaho first before coming to Birmingham Alabama. The show was born out of the burden of creator and host Pester Brat over the disunity and division that exists in the body of Christ, to promote biblical correctness over political correctness, and to achieve greater biblical unity in the body of Christ without compromising the gospel and sound doctrine. While there are some old shows on this website, Biblically Correct Ministries has evolved into being the Parent Ministry of Pester Brat's other ministries for administrative purposes. As listed elsewhere on this website, those other ministries are: Biblical Unity Ministries (BUM), Sheep Finders, Levi-athan, and the Fellowship of Concerned Christian Constitutional Patriots that Pester Brat Dot Com is the media arm for. Pester Brat's goal is to be on radio and television, speak at churches, advertise, and provide written material for people, Christians and Churches. As the theme song of the show states, it is not about us- it's all about Him (our holy, loving, gracious, all powerful and knowing triune God).


The host of the show (Pester Brat) has been a Christian since 1986 and a pastor since 1997. He has been married since 1978, and they have 3 grown daughters, 1 son-in-law, and 4 grandchildren. Pester Brat is the founder and director of Biblical Unity Ministries and the Fellowship of Concerned Christian Constitutional Patriots. For more information on Biblical Unity Ministries, please go to, and for the Fellowship of Concerned Christian Constitutional Patriots. Both Pester Brat and his wife were born in Washington DC and raised in southern Maryland. They moved to Birmingham, Alabama in February 2008 for health reasons and to be closer to family, and plan on spending the rest of their lives in this area if God wills.


Pester Brat enjoys eating out with family and friends, fellowshipping and ministering live or online, spending time with his grandchildren, and riding his motorcycle, in addition to ministry endeavors.


He hopes to see souls saved, and God's people grow in the Lord and be conformed to His image; to see much more unity in the body of Christ without compromising truth, sound doctrine and the gospel; inform and warn people both temporally and spiritually should there be an economic collapse before Christ's return; to encourage people to be involved with their elected officials and those running for office; and to be able to devote his time and energy to these ministries for the Lord without having to work a secular job outside of ministry if the Lord is willing.