Biblically Correct

Like so many ministries and charities out there, we too could really use your help financially. Since there are so many choices, and because of the condition of our ecomomy, we are asking if you could spare just $1.00 per month to help us keep the show on the air. For just a "buc a month" you can further serve the Lord by helping keep a Christian Talk Show that desires to be as biblically correct as possible in faith, church, and life, and see greater biblical unity in the body of Christ. We are hoping that if enough of our current and future friends will pledge and donate at least $1 per month we will be able to keep the show on the air for an extended period of time and perhaps expand the show by having a longer format, more frequent programming, and go on more stations. There are several ways you can give to Biblically Correct in order of preference if it works out for you:


1. Give through you bank's bill pay service. It is often free. Or, if you are already using  it, there shouldn't be an additional cost. When this is the case, there are usually no fees at all involved and you can set it up so it sends the money automatically each month.


2. Send a personal check. There are no fees on our end, but it would involve the cost of a stamp on your end. If you use this method, we encourage you to do it quarterly, semi- annually, or annually, to minimize your cost.


3. PayPal by email. Send us your email address and we will send you a PayPal Money Request. This is more convenient for you, but it involves a cost for us (2.9% + $.30 per transaction). If you choose this method please consider giving a little extra to cover that cost (For Example: $1.34 would net us $1.00). Also using this method for multiple months at a time would minimize the costs, and if you have or set up a PayPal account (not required) it is very convenient and fast.


4. Click on the "DONATE" button below. As with Paypal by email, this too is more convenient for you (and us as well), but has those wonderful transaction fees. A $1 donation would yield us $.67, so if you are able to give extra to cover that we would really appreciate it. But of you can't $.67 is better than nothing!


Checks and Bill Pay Drafts are to be made out to Biblically Correct Ministries, and mailed to 3045 New Castle Rd; Birmingham, AL. 35217. If you give more than $1.00 please let us know if it is for one month, which we would appreciate, or for the amount of months it is for so we can accurately budget for the show.

Thank you for prayerfully considering to give to this ministry. May the Lord bless you!