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 In May 2010 Host Pester Brat issued a challenge to 7 Word of Faith Pastors and Ministries. Word of Faith Pastors believe and teach that there will be a multi-fold financial blessing by God for those who give financially. So since they believe that, a Word of Faith Ministry should have no problem with sending Biblically Correct Ministries $1,000,000.00 so that they'll receive more than that in return. If each of the seven ministries mentioned in the above video will do that, Biblically Correct will receive $7,000,000.00 so the ministry can have a better and longer time slot, more frequent programming, go on more stations, go into more markets, expand to radio, and Pester Brat more fully devote his time and energy to the ministry And they believe they will receive much more in return. That would be a win-win situation wouldn't it? 

Please watch the above video clip from the 4th show in May 2010 and pray with and for us, and spread the word about this challenge. They can contact Pester Brat for more information (please go to the 'contact us' page). Thank you, and may God receive the glory for the results of this challenge as He determines.